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Anomalous Cepheid variable stars original
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Cepheid variable stars original
Ap stars original
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A stars original
Chemically peculiar stars original
Holmium stars original
Manganese stars original
Rapidly oscillating Ap star original
Silicon stars original
Astrobiology original
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Interdisciplinary astronomy original
definition "The study of life throughout the Universe, also known as exobiology." - An Etymological Dictionary of Astronomy and Astrophysics, by M. Heydari-Malayeri.
Biomarkers original
Xenobiology original
Astrochemistry original
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Interdisciplinary astronomy original
CII region original
Chemical abundances original
Cosmochemistry original
Diffuse interstellar bands original
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons original
Pre-biotic astrochemistry original
Reaction catalysts original
Reaction rates original
Spectral line lists original
Astrometry original
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Astronomical techniques original
Exoplanet detection methods original
Astronomical coordinate systems original
Astronomical location original
Baade-Wesselink method original
Bolometric correction original
Brightness temperature original
Distance measure original
Effective temperature original
Equator position original
Fundamental parameters of stars original
Magnitude original
Parallax original
Phase angle original
Phase defect original
Phase effect original
Phase error original
Photographic astrometry original
Radial velocity original
Radio astrometry original
Relativistic aberration original
Relaxation time original
Sky noise original
Solar constant original
Space astrometry original
Spectral index original
Standard stars original
Stellar distance original
Syzygy original
Two-color diagrams original
Wolf diagram original
Astronomical models original
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Analytical mathematics original
Burkert profile original
Gas-to-dust ratio original
Mass-to-light ratio original
Oort constants original
Star counts original
Astronomical techniques original
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Observational astronomy original
Astrometry original
Analytical mathematics original
Astronomical object identification original
Astronomical optics original
CCD observation original
Coronographic imaging original
Direct imaging original
Doppler imaging original
Doppler shift original
Drift scan imaging original
Faber-Jackson distance original
Field of view original
High time resolution astrophysics original
Interferometry original
Magnetospheric radio emissions original
Optical observation original
Photometry original
Pointing accuracy original
Polarimetry original
Reverberation mapping original
Scaling relations original
Spectroscopy original
Astrophysical dust processes original
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Cosmology original
Intergalactic medium original
Interstellar dust processes original
Astrophysical masers original
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Extragalactic astronomy original
Interstellar medium original
Hydroxyl masers original
Megamasers original
Silicon monoxide masers original
Water masers original
Asymptotic giant branch original
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Hertzsprung Russell diagram original