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Horizontal branch stars original
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Stellar evolutionary types original
Extreme horizontal branch stars original
Zero-age horizontal branch stars original
Astrometry original
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Astronomical techniques original
Exoplanet detection methods original
Astronomical coordinate systems original
Astronomical location original
Baade-Wesselink method original
Bolometric correction original
Brightness temperature original
Distance measure original
Effective temperature original
Equator position original
Fundamental parameters of stars original
Magnitude original
Parallax original
Phase angle original
Phase defect original
Phase effect original
Phase error original
Photographic astrometry original
Radial velocity original
Radio astrometry original
Relativistic aberration original
Relaxation time original
Sky noise original
Solar constant original
Space astrometry original
Spectral index original
Standard stars original
Stellar distance original
Syzygy original
Two-color diagrams original
Wolf diagram original
Dwarf planets original
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Minor planets original
Ceres original
Eris original
Haumea original
Makemake original
Pluto original
Far infrared astronomy original
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Infrared astronomy original
Far infrared interferometry original
HST photometry original
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Broad band photometry original