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Cosmological models original
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Cosmology original
Closed universe original
Dirac cosmology original
Einstein universe original
Expanding universe original
Friedmann universe original
Gödel universe original
Inflationary universe original
Lemaitre universe original
Newtonian cosmology original
Open universe original
Oscillating universe original
de Sitter universe original
Cepheid variable stars original
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Pulsating variable stars original
Anomalous Cepheid variable stars original
BL Herculis stars original
Beta Cepheid variable stars original
Delta Cepheid variable stars original
Double-mode Cepheid variable stars original
RV Tauri variable stars original
W Virginis variable stars original
Young disk Cepheid variable stars original
Astrobiology original
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Interdisciplinary astronomy original
definition "The study of life throughout the Universe, also known as exobiology." - An Etymological Dictionary of Astronomy and Astrophysics, by M. Heydari-Malayeri.
Biomarkers original
Xenobiology original
Quasars original
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Active galactic nuclei original
Supermassive black holes original
Broad-absorption line quasar original
Double quasars original
Quasar-galaxy pairs original
Radio loud quasars original
Radio quiet quasars original
X-ray quasars original
Giant stars original
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Evolved stars original
A giant stars original
B giant stars original
CH stars original
CN stars original
Chemically peculiar giant stars original
Extreme carbon stars original
F giant stars original
G giant stars original
Late-type giant stars original
Lb variable stars original
O giant stars original
OH/IR stars original
R stars original
Red giant stars original
S stars original
Weak G band stars original
Cataclysmic variable stars original
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Intrinsic variable stars original
Semi-detached binary stars original
AM Canum Venaticorum stars original
AM Herculis stars original
Nova-like variable stars original
Novae original
SX Arietis variable stars original
UV Persei stars original
WZ Sagittae stars original
Interstellar dust original
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Interstellar clouds original
Carbonaceous grains original
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons original
Silicate grains original
Very small grains original
Planetary magnetosphere original
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Planetary science original
Plasmapause original
Van Allen radiation belt original
Particle astrophysics original
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High energy astrophysics original
Cosmic rays original
Cosmological neutrinos original
Gamma-rays original
Gravitational waves original
Neutrino oscillations original
Solar neutrinos original
Supernova neutrinos original
Urca process original
Chemical abundances original
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Astrochemistry original
Abundance ratios original
Cosmic abundances original
Frozen in elements original
Galactic abundances original
Galaxy abundances original
Intergalactic abundances original
Interstellar abundances original
Isotopic abundances original
Metallicity original
Nuclear abundances original
Overabundances original
Solar abundances original
Stellar abundances original
Underabundances original