IGSN Codelist



star this property contributor IGSN Technical Committee
star this property source Nicholas Car
star this property definition The value is one other than those in the selectable list. It is not unknown
star this property type
Resource original
Concept original
star this property in scheme
IGSN codelist original
unstar this property has top concept
ARK original
Blast original
Collection original
ContactPerson original
Corer original
DOI original
Distributor original
Dredge original
Editor original
Feature original
Funder original
Grab original
Hand original
Handle original
HostingInstitution original
IGSN original
ISBN original
ISNI original
ISSN original
LSID original
LineString original
MOCNESS original
MultiLineString original
MultiPoint original
MultiPolygon original
Net original
ORCID original
Other original
PURL original
PhysicalSample original
Point original
Polygon original
Private original
Probe original
ProjectLeader original
ProjectManager original
ProjectMember original
Public original
RelatedPerson original
ResearchGroup original
Researcher original
RightsHolder original
Sample original
SampleCollection original
SamplingFeature original
Scoop original
Sponsor original
Supervisor original
Trap original
Trawl original
URI original
URN original
Unknown original
VIAF original
WorkPackageLeader original
hasDocument original
hasEvent original
air original
gas original
ice original
liquidAqueous original
liquidOrganic original
mineral original
organism original
other original
particulate original
rock original
sediment original
snow original
soil original
tissue original
unknown original
CTD original
borehole original
crossSection original
depthInterval original
excavation original
fieldArea original
flightline original
interval original
observationWell original
profile original
quadrat original
scene original
shipsTrack original
site original
soilPitSection original
specimen original
streamGage original
trajectory original
transect original
traverse original
waterQualityStation original
weatherStation original
automated original
core original
coreHalfRound original
corePiece original
coreQuarterRound original
coreSection original
coreSectionHalf original
coreSub-Piece original
coreWholeRound original
cuttings original
dredge original
foliageDigestion original
foliageLeaching original
forestFloorDigestion original
grab original
individualSample original
litterFallDigestion original
orientedCore original
other original
petriDishDryDeposition original
precipitationBulk original
rockPowder original
standardReferenceSpecimen original
terrestrialSection original
thinSection original
4326 original
4938 original
star this property top concept of igsncode original