Registry Interchange Format - Collections and Services (Vocabularies)

Acronym: RIF-CS
Publisher Australian National Data Service
Created: 31 Dec 2008

  RIFCS v1.6 Vocabularies 2014-11-12

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released: 12 Nov 2014

  RIF-CS Vocabulary 2011

Download (XML)
released: 01 Jan 2011

  RIF-CS Vocabulary 2010

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released: 01 Jan 2010

  RIF-CS Vocabulary 2009

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released: 01 Jan 2009

The RIF-CS schema is a data interchange format that supports the electronic exchange of collection and service descriptions. It organises information about collections and services into a format used by the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) Collections Registry.

More information on the RIF-CS Schema can be found at

With assistance from the RIF-CS Advisory Board and user community, ANDS has developed a suggested vocabulary for use with the RIF-CS Schema. The vocabulary is comprised of suggested terms for specific elements of the schema. Use of the ANDS vocabulary with the RIF-CS Schema is not mandatory but is however recommended. Use of consistent terminology improves data discoverability and the precision of search operations. The ANDS vocabularies are expected to be informed and developed further by the RIF-CS user community. Please contact if you have candidate vocabulary terms to be evaluated for possible inclusion in the ANDS vocabularies.





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<input type="text" id="rifcs" name="rifcs" value="" size="80" autocomplete="off">
        mode: 'search',
        cache: false,
        repository: '',
        target_field: 'label',
        endpoint: ''

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