Vocabularies for Vocabulary Schema

Publisher ANDS
Created: 31 May 2015
The ANDS Vocabularies for vocabulary schema (lists of terms or permissible data values) was a draft design of the enumerated types for some of the fields of entries in the ANDS Vocabulary Registry.

The canonical definitions of these enumerated types used by the RVA Registry software are now specified in XML Schema in the Registry source code at: A human-readable view is here: Vocabulary Registry XML Schema.





Use this code snippet to describe or discover resources with Vocabularies for Vocabulary Schema in your system

Example: Search for and select concepts in this vocabulary

<input type="text" id="vocabularies-for-vocabulary-schema" name="vocabularies-for-vocabulary-schema" value="" size="80" autocomplete="off">
        mode: 'search',
        cache: false,
        repository: '',
        target_field: 'label',
        endpoint: ''

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